Zachary Genrich Theft

This guy is charged with several felony thefts. Yet some of the relatives of the people he stole from support him? What gives?


Is he a drug user? Many times theft is related to drug use and if the relatives are users also that may explain it?

No ...I am thinking cohouts. A couple going through a divorce. Huz was ousted with an order ...zac moved in and liquidated thousands of dollars of property. He is daughters boyfreind and moved with daughter and mom. Makes no sense

They are all in cohouts i bet

ok, so the thief is the daughter's boyfriend? sounds like there is some scamming going on

yes, its the daughters boyfriend. Living with mom. Its been the big news in town here for some time. it seems odd someone can liquidate tens of thousands of dollars in stuff and no one in the household knew it was happening. When they found out, he is still living there.

this isnt making any sense to me. can someone explain it

Yes. This Zachary Genrich moved in with his girlfreind and her mother. The dad was put out with a divorce order. After Zachary moved in, he began selling off stuff from the household. His girlfreind katie frase, seems to have not known he was doing this. Mom has not booted him out but still has him living in her home. He is now charged with 8 felonies in regard to this theft. the whole thing that is odd is why is he still living with them when he sold thousands of dollars of mom and husbands stuff? Their divorce is not final so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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